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Vegan Diet Day Seven, Nov. 1, 2009

Breakfast: Lemon juice/water shooter, Tofu scramble with peppers, mushrooms, tomato and garlic.

Snack: Smoothie made with soya milk, peanut butter , banana and vegan infusion.

Lunch: Left over quinoa, beans, and corn in a whole wheat tortilla and a pear or apple for dessert.

Snack: Seeds and raisins.

Dinner: Chick Peas Romesco. This dish was fantastic both sweet and spicy. Lots of flavours and a real mouth party. Yum. The last of Bridget’s peanut butter cups for dessert.

Note: Our week long experiment has come to a conclusion, but the lessons we have learned will last us forever. We could not have done it without Bridget and the women of the Vegan Project. I’m not sure where we are going with all this, but I can say that my thoughts on food have been dramatically changed. I now feel my body working more efficiently, and have way more energy. I can honestly say that I have not missed animal products and as an added bonus have lost over 5 lbs.

Jackie views it as a wonderful experiment and looks forward to using a lot of the things she has learned in daily cooking and eating.

Again a huge thank you to the Vegan Project!

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i’m not sure if it’s my new hairdo, or the fact that i’ve stopped eating cheese that has resulted in several independent sources commenting on the fact that I look slimmer.  bonus!!  i don’t own a scale so I wouldn’t have known otherwise, although my pants are fitting a bit better and my bra is getting a bit looser.  all this time I was beginning to wonder whether my increased ingestion of french fries, pasta, bread and beans would have an adverse affect on my vegan muffin top.  only gripe about this is the fact that the first place i tend to lose weight is in the chest region, meaning that weight loss is sort of bittersweet for me.

Anyhoo… in honour of the last few days of vegan September, I thought I’d recap all the surprising things we’ve learned along this journey.  There are many things we’d assumed were vegan, but were shocked to find are NOT always vegan.  Here’s a list:

>veggie burger patties

>soy milk

>rice cheese





>veggie flavour instant thai noodles (bridget was pretty pissed about that one)

>lime tostitos

>banana bread

8 days to go…

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