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Discussions on what it means to be vegan have been happening a lot here lately at The Vegan Project headquarters. We have participated in a few discussions online regarding what vegans should and should not do in regards to companion animals and vegan/non-vegan relations.

Some opinions from our readers are:

“I do not think it (forced neutering) is appropriate at all…”

“It is not acceptable for any creature to be ‘given the right’ to consume animal products, like how some people feed meat to cats and dogs. It would defeat the purpose of why one is vegan.”

“I don’t think cats, or pets generally, have anything to do with my veganism, nor anyone else’s. Owning any animal seems to me to be pretty much at variance with the spirit of veganism.”

“And i do not think it is wise for people to kiss or engage otherwise in intimate relations with non vegans.”

The underlying theme that we took away from these statements is that there is one way to ‘be Vegan’.  Is there a code that one who calls themselves vegan should adhere to?

We don’t want to put our two cents in just yet… we want to hear from you!

What do you guys think?

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