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This salad is quick, fresh, and elegant. You can toss in a few hemp seeds or roasted pistachios on top for some added crunch and flavour.


Fresh pea shoots (Micro greens, spring mix or arugula can be substituted)

Truffle infused olive oil, extra virgin olive oil mixed with a few drops of white truffle oil

White balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Half a lemon

Salt and pepper


Place pea shoots in a large mixing bowl. Drizzle with truffled olive oil, white balsamic, and regular balsamic. Squeeze fresh lemon over top, and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Toss, and serve!

*Courtesy of Jenny Duffy

~The Vegan Project

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Tonight we had a meeting with our talented graphic designer Sabrina Modder to discuss the layout of our website.  We told Sabrina that we would make a vegan dinner for her.  On the menu – a Mediterranean Pizza on Trader Joe’s vegan whole wheat pizza dough, and a salad with a lemon dijon thyme vinaigrette.

On the way to Sabrina’s we got a bit sidetracked at the Ukranian deli near her apartment.  Jessica impulsively bought a jar of pickles, and we picked up dessert – a pure bar of dark chocolate with strawberry and cracked green peppercorn.

The mingling Mediterranean vegetables on the pizza were so flavourful together that  we didn’t find ourselves yearning for cheese at all.

Veggie Pizza

Mediterranean Pizza and Salad with Lemon Dijon Thyme Vinaigrette


1 package Trader Joe’s Vegan Whole Wheat Pizza Dough or any vegan whole wheat dough

1 roasted red pepper, chopped

2 tbsp banana peppers, chopped

10 kalamata olives, pitted

3 artichoke hearts (non-marinated), chopped

1/2 Cipollini onion, or any sweet onion, chopped

1 small zucchini, sliced thinly

1 roma tomato, seeded and chopped

4 white mushrooms, thinly sliced

4 cloves garlic, chopped

6 basil leaves, chopped

3 tbsp olive oil

sesame seeds for crust garnish

Prepare pizza dough according to directions.  Preheat oven.  Saute zucchini, onion, and mushrooms, and garlic in 2 tbsp olive oil.  Set aside.  Begin assembling pizza.  Add the remaining tbsp olive oil, basil, and all veggies onto the prepared pizza dough. Sprinkle sesame seeds and one more swig of olive oil and bake in the oven until crust is lightly browned.  This pizza is piled high and may require a fork and knife to enjoy.

Salad with Lemon Dijon Thyme Vinaigrette


2 tbsp dijon mustard

Juice from one lemon

Leaves of 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 clove garlic, chopped

1.5 tsp brown rice syrup

Salt and pepper to taste


1 head of romaine, torn

2 small Persian cucumbers, chopped

1 roma tomato, chopped

1 avocado, sliced

Whisk all dressing ingredients together.  Let sit for a while in the fridge so the flavours mingle.

Combined salad ingredients, toss with dressing and enjoy!

Suggestion:  For additional protein try adding chickpeas, toasted nuts of your choice, or hemp hearts.

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first and foremost, i am proud to announce that the Vegan Project fooled baba!  the other day jessica made some delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies.  i had to pop down to baba’s place to give her hair a trim (jess and i live only 4 blocks away from her) and i brought two cookies with me to put to the test.  they were still warm from the oven which was a big seller.  she took a bite and said “mmm”.  she noticed that they were different than her version and that jess uses those mini chips, doesn’t she?  i said sheepishly “yes, i guess so”.  but she liked them and ate them both and there was no discussion as to the dairy/egg content of these delicious little treats.  voila!

yesterday i had a very amusing/hypocritical day on set.  i was filming a commercial for some snack crackers(which are vegan by the way) and had a scene that i had to take a bite of said cracker with a big hunk of cheese on it.  everyone found this amusing, as the discussion of my vegan month had already come up over breakfast and lunch.  i did not actually have to eat the cheese thanks to the spit bucket provided, though i do think a few morsels made their way down the pipes.  and my sincere gratitude to the the catering truck that made me a yummy wrap in the morning and provided several vegan salads and side dishes along with a rockin’ chickpea korma!  so, at christmas time when this commercial should be gracing your boob tubes, and you see that vegan girl, and think, hey is that her eating cheese? just remember that yes, that may be me, and yes i sold out, but it is in order to fund more ethically sound endeavors, and for now it sits well.

and as jen so eloquently put it, i didn’t swallow!  bridget 🙂

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