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This week’s ‘Something to talk about’ is a recent discussion that took place on our facebook page (please become a fan here) between Janine Jankowski, a recent Vegan Project challenger, and Alicia Katz, a close friend of The Vegan Project and vegan dinner party host.  Here is what was said verbatim:


“The only thing is I’m not sure which of the coconut waters is a sustainable product and not the one being marketed by the guys who originally started Sobey’s beverages. I met a marine biologist who is the brother (ironically) of one of the executives there and he tells me that they exploit third world countries and steal their resources like water, coconuts, whatever, then pump and dump their new revolutionary ‘health’ drink, make millions and then move on to the next project.  Maybe I will just use some soy milk instead.


I really don’t buy the “coconut water is unethical” idea. I don’t think it is any more or less ethical than any other imported produce. I googled various things (coconut water- unethical, coconut water- sustainability, coconut water- controversy, coconut water- exploits third world). I didn’t see anything, except for one company in brazil that markets themselves in the completely opposite way. The stuff that I drink is grown on a farm. We all consume imported farmed products, unless we are completely local and “slow” (wine, coffee, fruit, even soy). i dont find the fact that its trendy and marketed as a health drink a reason to jump on the indie band wagon and avoid it. It tastes good. it has a lot of vitamins. It is a one ingredient thing as opposed to vitamin water which is a complete mystery to me. It comes from the earth. Neat.

What do you guys think?

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The Product: Dr Mist Lavender Scented Deodorant

Being vegan for me started with food.  Then it slowly started to creep into other parts of my life.  For instance, I haven’t bought leather shoes since my plunge into veganism in the Fall of 2009, or a purse for that matter.  This was due to a combination of lack of funds AND a different opinion about leather products.  I’ve always liked using natural skincare and hair products whenever I can (except hairspray – I use extra hold, aerosol. Don’t judge me!), and have become extra conscious of where my products are coming from over the last few months.

After reading some articles about the dangers of using antiperspirants I decided to try the ‘au natural’ options. I was definitely skeptical.  After living in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood and inhaling a constant stream of body odour masked under the scent of patchouli and other essential oils, I dreaded the thought of that being me.  I just can’t smell like that.  I’m not hating, I just can’t! While I appreciate the free spirit of those that embrace their natural human scent, I gag at the thought of my own, thus drawing the line here with a big fat sharpie. So…

I tried the crystal.  Nope.  I tried some hemp/tea tree stick.  Nope again.  And this time I was utterly horrified at the stench of a thousand open graves that was wafting up from my underarms.  So with my tail between my legs, I threw the hippy sticks in the trash, went to Shopper’s, picked up a stick of Dove unscented, and let out a sigh of relief.

Well that stick ran out recently and I was feeling optimistic, so I went to Choices and had a chat with a woman that works in the body care section.  I explained my armpit woes and she suggested a spray.  She had had a similar experience and found that when it comes to natural deodorants, sprays are the way to go.  She suggested I try Dr. Mist Lavender Scented Deodorant.  This spray has been featured on The Dragon’s Den and won the Geneva Award for Invention.

Active Ingredients: De-ionized Water.

Inactive Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium, Essential Oil.

The Verdict: I tested it out at the club, during a long shift slinging drinks on a summer night.  I forewarned my co-workers of this little experiment and begged them to inform me of it’s possible failure.  But, to my surprise, it worked!  Since then it has been serving me well.  Just spritz under the arms, rub it in for even distribution, flap your arms around like a maniac till it dries and you’ll be ready for anything!

~The Vegan Project

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