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yesterday was a whilrwind of excitement. i got up and decided to whip up some blueberry muffins.  there is something so comforting about your house filling up with the smell of fresh baked goodness in the oven. they turned out a bit mushy and not quite as great as they smelled, but i’ve eaten probably 6 of them since then so they can’t be that bad!  bridget’s bf gave them the stamp of approval as well, assuring me that he would have thrown it in my face it it weren’t up to par (he’s so funny).  if anyone has any wicked vegan baking recipes please send them!   i’d love to try them.

spent the rest of the day preparing to host my first radio show on co-op radio.  i was pretty nervous about it but my co-host and guest were both amazing and we were well prepared so it went really well.

the topic of our conversation was how we share our stories online.  i mentioned this project as an example of how putting your experiences out there on the internet can be quite rewarding.  having the vegan project twitter account and this blog have allowed us to be exposed to a small snippet of the vegan community out in cyberspace, and also non-vegans who are curious about what we’re doing.  i think it’s a great way to network and learn new things and the support has been really great from friends, family and strangers alike.  so thank you to everyone out there who is paying attention to our project! it’s great to get feedback and to know that people are reading.


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