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(By Janine)

Starts with a coconut milk and raspberry smoothy which tasted kinda weird.  I think I will try coconut water instead.  The only thing is I’m not sure which of the coconut water’s is a sustainable product and not the one being marketed by the guys who originally started Sobey’s beverages. I met a marine biologist who is the brother (ironically) of one of the executives there and he tells me that they exploit third world countries and steal their resources like water, coconuts, whatever, then pump and dump their new revolutionary ‘health’ drink, make millions and then move on to the next project.  Maybe I will just use some soy milk instead.

So anyway, I get a sick stomach all morning at work from this shake and Im feeling gross and tired.  It might have something to do with the binge of McDonalds I had before I started the challenge.

Lunch consists of a salad from my own garden and stuffed fake chickeny thing which would have tasted so much better if everyone else around me wasn’t consuming delicious smelling grilled meats with fatty sauce.  I’m really looking forward to the end of the day and  having a nice dinner out with my boyfriend.

We arrive at the Wallflower for vegan pizza night.  I’m so excited for this – its got to be good.

I walk in and instantly know the girls at the bar are who we are meeting.  They must be the vegans because they’re skin is so healthy and glowing .

(Jesse takes over)

This is where I describe the meal I guess. So just like Jammer I’m starved and the Wallflower did not disappoint. Really the best moment was when Janine asked for a vegan caesar. Boy did that blow the servers top. Big thanks to miss burns for the care package of blueberry scones, granola, vegan cheese made out of astronaut something (Daiya), kelp, & yeast powder. Oh I guess we should describe the food.

Mac and Cheese with vegan weenies – tasty stuff here, and smooth creamy goodness.

Pizza  – I loved the veganroni! It tasted amazing and the gluten free crust was interesting if not a magical feat.

Thunder Fries – yummmmmmm. This was probably my fave. I’ts better than chili fries with out the death farts. Yummy.

The best part was I left energetic and happy. Thanks Vegan Project!

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Vegan Clauss with Biba and Bridget @ Kisha Popo on Davie.

I really appreciate Bridget for inviting me for the “Vegan Experience” for a week. I love new challenges, and I always try to learn new things to grow as a person. I am sure that this diet which I have been doing will help me a lot with my future eating habits.I have been learning a lot with this diet as well as feeling good. I noticed that this diet made me eat less with much more balanced meals than before.

I decided to extend my diet with Briget from one week to a month, and I am excited to see the changes that I will go through until then. I cannot wait to know how much I will learn at the end of this experience.

Bridget, thank you so much for all the support in my “Vegan Experience” for a week and now for a month.

I Love you!!!

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The first day I felt hungry but on the second and third day I ate less than what I am used to and I felt well.  However, I started to go more often to the bathroom and I noticed an increase of gases in my stomach.

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February 15th was the ‘first day of vegan’ for Clauss.  He is from Brazil, loves meat and women.  He is trying this whole vegan thing because of the power of  Bridget’s influence. He marvels at her health and happiness and wanted to know her secret.  He has decided to utilize the gift of yoga pass from lululemon during this time to fully embrace this new lifestyle.  Below is his first blog entry…enjoy!

I Think being vegan is a cool lifestyle. I had never ever thought of giving up meat even for a week.  But I am not afraid to try new things and welcome this challenge with open arms.
how am I feeling today?
hungry!!!! Im surprised how tasty vegan food can be.
I hate the fake milk…
I had a falafel plate at Nuba, toast with peanut butter, and for dinner i had two servings of the most wonderful beans i’ve ever eaten.
After work i ate two more pieces of  toast with peanut butter.  I am excited for the rest of the week!


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It’s 3 weeks and I’m still eating a vegan diet with only one serving of meat on November 6th. I did not enjoy it and went immediately back to a strictly vegan way of eating. Jackie and I have enjoyed finding and cooking many new recipes and are still doing well. Jackie is eating much less meat but is back to a few animal products.

I’m working on a special project at work that requires us to work 12 hour days. My employer is buying dinner for about 12 of us each evening. I had vegan pasta the first night, but have been bringing my own food since then so I don’t have to impose my restrictions on the rest of the group. As my colleagues look over my shoulder at my wonderful, fresh, crunchy spinach salads and quinoa with beans and corn stuffed in a whole grain pita they all remark on how good everything looks. I just tell them that a vegan diet does not have to be boring. I think they all had the impression that vegan food was lettuce and little else.

I still feel very good and don’t miss meat at all. My work group ordered in a massive amount of Chinese food the other evening and I was not enticed at all. Even though some of my old favourites were on the table (wonton soup and garlic ribs).

Thank you again to the Vegan Project for introducing me to a new way of living and all the support you have given me since.


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Vegan Diet Day Seven, Nov. 1, 2009

Breakfast: Lemon juice/water shooter, Tofu scramble with peppers, mushrooms, tomato and garlic.

Snack: Smoothie made with soya milk, peanut butter , banana and vegan infusion.

Lunch: Left over quinoa, beans, and corn in a whole wheat tortilla and a pear or apple for dessert.

Snack: Seeds and raisins.

Dinner: Chick Peas Romesco. This dish was fantastic both sweet and spicy. Lots of flavours and a real mouth party. Yum. The last of Bridget’s peanut butter cups for dessert.

Note: Our week long experiment has come to a conclusion, but the lessons we have learned will last us forever. We could not have done it without Bridget and the women of the Vegan Project. I’m not sure where we are going with all this, but I can say that my thoughts on food have been dramatically changed. I now feel my body working more efficiently, and have way more energy. I can honestly say that I have not missed animal products and as an added bonus have lost over 5 lbs.

Jackie views it as a wonderful experiment and looks forward to using a lot of the things she has learned in daily cooking and eating.

Again a huge thank you to the Vegan Project!

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Vegan Diet Day Six, October 31, 2009

Breakfast:  Lemon juice, granola & hemp milk, toast, coffee & silk.

Snack: Berry, banana and orange juice with vegan infusion smoothie.

Lunch: Jackie ate Indian food at the mall (dahl and curried cauliflower & potato with rice & naam bread). She even asked the server if the food had any dairy in it! I had leftover quinoa, beans and corn from last night in a whole wheat tortilla followed by a pear.

Snack: Seeds and raisins, vegan chocolate chips.

Dinner: Tofu and bok choy stir-fry with buckwheat soba noodles and sprouts, mushrooms and green pepper accompanied by miso broth. Bridget’s addictive peanut butter cups for dessert.

Note: Jackie and Bridget found some interesting data on line about depression and veganism. This may not be the right eating program for her. I am feeling great and now know what eating healthier can do for me. It’s not really a diet, but a lifestyle and I really am enjoying it. I think that while we may include some dairy and meats in our diet in the future we will always be more conscious of what we are eating.

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it’s been a while since i’ve written, i know.  been pretty busy with the final touches of our website splash page and helping the boyfriend move.  contrary to my vegan counterparts, who have both felt that they’ve lost weight this past month, i feel that i’ve gained a couple pounds, or at least lost some muscle tone.  i attribute this to the lack of yoga in my schedule lately (no correlation, just sheer laziness) and a greater devotion to food and eating and consuming more than i normally do.  i have never had a huge connection to food and can often times take it, or leave it.  i’ve found that this month has brought more focus to what i ingest and i’ve had to be more mindful of my dietary requirements, thus consuming more calories (i think anyways. as jess mentioned, we don’t have a scale so this is all speculation).  i have pledged to myself to get back on the yoga train for october to nip this in the bud-though i’m sure the consensus among most would be that i could use a few extra pounds 😉  

ahh, now that that’s out of the way i wanted to share a bit of vegan wisdom that i have picked up along the way, the first being the title of this post…

1) blurring the meal lines-i struggled so much at first with the loss of eggs in the a.m. but never missed them any other time of day.  once i let go of the cultural aspects of dining, what to have and at what point in the day, a weight was lifted.  i began to have a protein, carb, and lotsa veggies whenever i sat down to eat and eventually breakfast transformed into simply the first meal of the day.  nothing more, and free of preconceived notions of what that meal should be.  samosas, soups and beans are some of my favourite morning nibbles now.

2)no cream – creamy-dairy has a an indescribable sumptuous texture, flavour and lasting memory.  how can a dairy loving vegan duplicate this blessed food group?  easy!  blend, blend, blend!  the food processor is a vegan’s third arm.  so many foods, once blended become ‘creamy’.  nuts, seeds, artichokes, avocado, a simple marinara put in the blender, tofu, just to name a few.

3) yay falafel!-i’d like to pay homage to that lovely little deep-fried chickpea nugget.  falafel is fantastic and has definitely contributed to my vegan success.  in fact, i’ve found middle eastern cuisine in general to be quite conducive to the vegan lifestyle.  try it and love it today 🙂

4) getting some help from supplements-now i don’t take pills, but i do lean on nutritional powder mixes, effervescent vitamin pouches and all natural electrolyte drinks for a boost in energy, vitamins minerals and essential nutrients.  some may poo-poo this and prefer to get all their essentials from food, and to them i raise my vitamin water and toast them and their efforts…i need a little help from my friends 😉

5) stay cool-what i mean by this is just that.  i have been blessed with incredible support from friends, co-workers and strangers and been able to engage in exciting and thought-provoking discussions regarding vegan food, the vegan lifestyle, animal rights and ethics.  i have also been met with ignorant f**** that for some reason or another take my eating choices personally and have an inability or  blatant disregard to examine where their food comes from, or at the very least, understand the vegan side of the fence.  i’ve remained cool, remembering to pick my battles.  i suspect that  as we become more aware as a society of the negative effects of the meat industry on the environment and our bodies, that some of them may have a change of heart.  and maybe one day they will look at a farm animal as an equal with it’s own intrinsic rights and not an object to be utilized.  i give credit of that last sentence to my cousin brooke, innately vegan, defending animal rights every day with a vengeance! xo

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i am amazed by how much energy would be saved if more north americans were to eat a plant based diet.

the energy used in producing and distributing food accounts for roughly 60% of the total energy north americans use. from shipping, production plants and processing to delivery, packaging and selling. of that 60%, over 85% is generated from the burning of fossil fuels.

although there is, of course, energy required to maintain, harvest and distribute plant-based crops, it is far, far less than that what is expended on the production of animals and processed foods.

eating a plant-based diet feeds you primary nutrition, energy straight from the source. there is very little processing and preparation required before consumption. incredibly superior in efficiency as far as the environment goes, eating plant-based foods also requires less energy for our bodies to digest, assimilate and eliminate. we get more nutrients from less food, effectively giving us more energy to live our lives beyond just survival.

veganism is not a trend. it is part of the solution to the sad reality of our environmental state.

oh, meal of the day: nori wraps! breads, vegan or not, slow my digestive system (that’s polite for making me constipated). so i wrapped quinoa, tomato, grated beets, butter lettuce and lots of avocado with some spices and pumpkin seeds in nori and they were terrific. quinoa is awesome, and tomorrow i will have it with some home-brewed lentils. yum.

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i feel highly irritable today.  not sure if it is because of the shitty cups of sub-par, sans cream coffee this morning, the beginning of the vegan september, or other factors in my life that are unavoidable and biological…being vegan was pretty easy today.  jen served up lentils and grilled veggies-the beets were amazing 😉 came home and fed my cats a couple of chicken necks…they’re not vegan…we’ll discuss that later…bridget

i haven’t really noticed anything too different about being vegan yet, probably because i was pretty much a vegetarian before this.   i would have enjoyed some nice havarti in my sandwich today, but i must say it was pretty tasty.  i am fond of the Yves veggie salami, but i realize that eating fake meat is not the best thing to do since soy is one of the most over processed foods you can get.  also, Vegenaise is a nice mayo substitute.  i also missed cream in my coffee.

one thing i was surprised to find out while setting up The Vegan Project twitter account, is that there are a lot of other people out there in the vegan world, and not the usual hippie stereotypes either.

i would also like to point out that we realize that reading what other people are eating is not the most riveting thing in the world, so we will definitely keep this entertaining, and informative as well… jessica

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