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Born and raised in a small town in Sasktachewan, Janine grew up in a farming family and is no stranger to the production and processing of animals.  Her family farmed Herford cattle and pigs for several years and grew 90% off their own produce in their garden.  Anything store bought was considered a luxury for the years while they farmed.  She was involved in every process of farming from a very young age. From working the land to planting of crops such as grain and hay to feed the animals, to medicating and castration of the cattle, delivering calves, feeding the (sometimes very dangerous) pigs, and of course the slaughter of the animals.  Even at the tender age of 6, you can understand who it is that ended up in your casserole for dinner and how they got there.  Growing up, meat was not something you just eat – it is a way of life, your livelihood, what buys Christmas presents.  Being a vegan was something that was unheard of until Janine left her small town at age 17.  She knew she was destined for something greater than becoming a breeder herself, and left to go pursue her dreams in the great beyond and find a place to fit in.

After many years of traveling, exploring & growing she finally found her place in Vancouver.  A place where the folks from back home would describe as full of freaks, hippies, various racial slurs, and faggots – she knew she was home at last!  This was a place not only diverse in ethnicity, beliefs and lifestyles but also diverse in cuisine!  Having an adventurous palate, Janine was delighted to explore things like dim sum, pho, matar paneer, bi bim bap and so much more.

Now Vancouver is home for Janine and she spends her time with her talented and charming boyfriend Jesse, hanging out with her cute-as-ever dog Rambo, and working on her business, Fresh Out, which is a members only pop-up fashion sale.  This fashionable business woman now is ironically returning to her roots so to speak and is taking more and more of an interest in where her food comes from and how it was produced.  For so long she took her food from her childhood for granted – most people don’t have a freezer full of homegrown organic meat and vegetables.  Many cannot afford to buy organic and have to eat commercially produced and processed foods.  Being a big believer in ‘you are what you eat’ Janine has decided to get back to basics and have a healthier diet.  She and Jesse now have a small garden plot and buy organic whenever possible.  And now the ultimate challenge – the Vegan Project….

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