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While eating fake ‘meat’ is not something I like to do often because it is highly processed and full of sodium, once in a while it provides a really convenient dose of protein and tastes dang good.

There’s also the ongoing debate as to whether a person that doesn’t eat meat should be eating or condoning mock versions.  I, Bridget, don’t have a problem with it at all.  In fact, I’m not even really against eating meat.  My vegan stance is more of a rebellion against my society’s means of food production, a quest for optimum health and trying to minimize my carbon footprint.  I realize that I may have opened the floodgates on this one and to that I say…yippee! I really want you guys to let us know how you feel about the great ‘meat’ debate.  And if you’re for it, try this sandwich. 😉

Veggie Ham Baguette:

1 demi baguette of your choice

3 slices of veggie ham cut into strips

Half an avocado

A generous smear of Vegenaise

Dijon mustard

A few shakes of Trader Joe’s 21 Salute spice mix


~The Vegan Project

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This week’s ‘Something to talk about’ is a recent discussion that took place on our facebook page (please become a fan here) between Janine Jankowski, a recent Vegan Project challenger, and Alicia Katz, a close friend of The Vegan Project and vegan dinner party host.  Here is what was said verbatim:


“The only thing is I’m not sure which of the coconut waters is a sustainable product and not the one being marketed by the guys who originally started Sobey’s beverages. I met a marine biologist who is the brother (ironically) of one of the executives there and he tells me that they exploit third world countries and steal their resources like water, coconuts, whatever, then pump and dump their new revolutionary ‘health’ drink, make millions and then move on to the next project.  Maybe I will just use some soy milk instead.


I really don’t buy the “coconut water is unethical” idea. I don’t think it is any more or less ethical than any other imported produce. I googled various things (coconut water- unethical, coconut water- sustainability, coconut water- controversy, coconut water- exploits third world). I didn’t see anything, except for one company in brazil that markets themselves in the completely opposite way. The stuff that I drink is grown on a farm. We all consume imported farmed products, unless we are completely local and “slow” (wine, coffee, fruit, even soy). i dont find the fact that its trendy and marketed as a health drink a reason to jump on the indie band wagon and avoid it. It tastes good. it has a lot of vitamins. It is a one ingredient thing as opposed to vitamin water which is a complete mystery to me. It comes from the earth. Neat.

What do you guys think?

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