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February 15th was the ‘first day of vegan’ for Clauss.  He is from Brazil, loves meat and women.  He is trying this whole vegan thing because of the power of  Bridget’s influence. He marvels at her health and happiness and wanted to know her secret.  He has decided to utilize the gift of yoga pass from lululemon during this time to fully embrace this new lifestyle.  Below is his first blog entry…enjoy!

I Think being vegan is a cool lifestyle. I had never ever thought of giving up meat even for a week.  But I am not afraid to try new things and welcome this challenge with open arms.
how am I feeling today?
hungry!!!! Im surprised how tasty vegan food can be.
I hate the fake milk…
I had a falafel plate at Nuba, toast with peanut butter, and for dinner i had two servings of the most wonderful beans i’ve ever eaten.
After work i ate two more pieces of  toast with peanut butter.  I am excited for the rest of the week!


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